Here are a few highlights of my web design work with a brief description of the project, the process, and my role in the web sites.


    I oversaw the complete redesign process of from a UI, design, and front end development perspective. This process included a full day workshop that resulted in the initial wireframes and mood boards. From that point I used the Atomic Design method to achieve a buy in on our philosophy and in order to have a working style library. I then built the entire front end architecture and SaSS in Drupal in conjunction with the development team which consisted of both in-house a won the 2017 Jesse H. Neal for Best Website and an OZZIE Honorable Mention for best website design.

  • Project: Blackbird website

    Project: Blackbird

    Project: Blackbird offers a look inside one of the most influential restaurants in the country. I played the role of art director, UI, and full stack developer for this project.

    The challenge of this project was to help maintain user engagement through a 23,000+ word oral history and to turn the project around in short period of time.

    I lead the team through story boarding exercise for the entire feature. This allowed us to plan for charging the photographer, project manager, illustrator, and video production team with their respective assignments. The resulting images and videos were essential in providing the reader with moments of rest during their reading along with moments of levity that helped to bring the personalities behind Blackbird to life. I also asked the editor to create chapter breaks to allow readers to track how much of the story they read and to set the expectation on how much is left to be read. In addition, the decision was made to create the website responsively mobile first as it was likely that most of the story would be read on mobile devices during the readers leisure. The chapters and responsive design also allowed the reader to leave the story and pick up where they left off on any device.

    Our efforts paid off as Project: Blackbird received a Jesse H. Neal for best profile, was a finalist for Grand Neal, and was well received by our readership.

  • Dry Age Beef

    Dry Age Beef

    This is a paid microsite I designed for the coverage of the droughts in Texas and California. I played the role of art director, UI, and full stack developer for this project.

    In order to address the length, I created site with several breaks. Including photography, pull quotes, sliders, videos, & chapter breaks. Videos also created an additional avenue to share the experience through social media.

    Chapter breaks allowed readers to track how much of the story they have read & how much is left to read. It also helped them find the point where they left off if they returned to the story at a later date.

    The decision was alose made to make the site responsive in order to provide a friendly experience no matter how readers accessed the story. They could read the entire story on one device, or read part of it on the device & return to finish it on another without a drop off in their experience.

  • Plate Media Kit

    Plate Media Kit

    Design of the plate media kit. This is a complicated, multi-dimensional design for the food industry’s leading trade publication.